Are you looking for an architect in Calafell?

David Frias, architect in Calafell

Calafell is the town where I live. It’s on the coast of Baix Penedès, and impresses with its endless sea-shopping promenade and sandy beach. They are almost 5 kilometers of beach between Riera de la Bisbal to the port of Segur de Calafell.

It is also remarkable the Castle of Calafell, already documented in the eleventh century, and situated in the old town center, 67 meters above the beach district. In the seventeenth century, was added its “comunidor”, a small building with overtures to the four corners and a weird roof, where the priests blessed the term and put the storms and bad spirits away from town. For more information, you can visit the following link: Calafell Tourism.

If you need an architect in Calafell and in general on Costa Dorada, I am at your full disposal for the following orders: Certificates of Habitability, Certificates of Energy Performance of Buildings, Technical Inspections of buildings, opinions and surveys, certificates, Arbitration, boundaries and land measurements, CAD and plans drawing, projects for reforms and new building projects.

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