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Residential Building Projects

Structural surgery on multifloor building

Usually when renovating a house interior we need to adapt distribution to new users needs. Sometimes demolishing non structural walls it’s enough to get a nice layout; a minor permission and some technical supervision is all what you need in these cases.

But other times structural elements have to be modified, like walls can be, to get the desired result. In that cases it is necessary to contract an architect; he will write a project for the operation, he will also lead the works, and he will be responsible of the future behavior of the structure.

For openings in structural walls, like new doors or windows, it is very important to have previous analysis, design and calculate dimensions of new elements , and to do properly organized and supervised works. It’s also important to have a good communication between architect and workers to get a nice final result. Then safeguard is ensured.

Entrance of the house, before demolishing the structural wall.
Placement of the main beam and its H laminated steel supports.
Detail of support.
New structural elements where hidden in that case, when demolition operation was completed.

u House in Alomartes, Granada

This house volume is designed entirely with one unique vertical section. This solution grants simplicity to the building system and lows costs. At the same time, is giving “economy” to the architecture speech. Only in the entrance to the plot, the views of the house are a little bit more monumental, where you can go on through the “patio” to reach the main entrance.Anteproyecto casa en Alomartes 02